Hello dear colleagues and friends in this industry

CEO introduction and resume

I am Ehsan Hoshiar, I was born in October 1363. It has been about 2 and a half years that I have been working in the cellulose industry in the service of my dear colleagues. My degree is Bachelor of Herbal Medicine. Since 2003, I have been engaged in importing decorative fabrics and for almost 4 years, I have been engaged in the construction and operation of a sanitary pulp factory.

Introduction of the company and a brief of the company’s activities

Avizhe Industrial Padideh Company reached the production capacity of 5000 tons in 2015 and reach achieved its actual production at the end of 2015. This company produces completely hygienic paper pulp (Fluff pulp) and imports its respective raw materials from all over the world.

Avizhe Industrial Padideh Company completed the last year by increasing its current production volume to 6,000 tons in 2019, and then, it initiated the development plan of this factory and is currently building its new factory with an annual production capacity of 15,000 tons. Tons per year, which will be used by the end of June.

Development and export plan

At present, Avizhe Industrial Padideh Company does not have the ability to respond to customers for export, and hopefully, with the new launch, we will be able to export to other countries as well.

Very few cellulose families participated in this year’s exhibition, which will slowly damage the industry. It may seem that participation in these exhibitions is not necessary for some friends and colleagues who have clients. But the only purpose of these exhibitions is not to attract customers, but the presence in these exhibitions strengthens the pillars of this industry and new connections both inside Iran and in foreign countries. Avizhe Industrial Padideh Company has been participating in the exhibition for the third year, it has been able to meet more friends and colleagues and have more cooperation.

The economic situation of the cellulose industry

Of course, it was better for our collection than the previous years because due to currency price fluctuations and the lack of raw materials needed by factories in 2019, a higher percentage of manufacturers have predicted for sustainable production in 2018 that they may face problems like in 2019. And we have given this guarantee to our customers that we will use all our power to supply raw materials for their production.

Due to the political and economic problems of our country, not only this industry but also other industries will face problems. It is necessary to supply other raw materials, especially one of our big problems in this industry is the supply of short and long fibers paper pulp (hardwood and softwood) in order to prepare sanitary paper pulp (Fluff pulp).

Anyway, our friends and colleagues, taking into account and anticipating these problems, should think about the raw material depot needed for the production of their products from the beginning of the year, because in the coming months, they will be able to produce with a lower risk factor to continue.

Final speech

I hope this year will be a year full of good news and events for this industry, so that producers can produce with peace of mind and with less risk, and with stable prices, the final product that reaches the consumer will have a fixed and appropriate price. Also, let the year of prosperity be a glorious year for producers.

In the end, I would like to thank you from the respected members of the Cellulose Industry Association and Avand magazine, who have always been able to keep the pillars of this industry strong with their support and efforts for this industry.