According to the predictions from the beginning of the year, this year has been full of fluctuations in prices and problems in supplying raw materials to all factories for various reasons. As you mentioned, due to the variable price of raw materials, both in the tissue sector and in the case of diapers, sanitary napkins, etc., from the time a manufacturer buys and supplies its raw materials to the time of producing and presenting the final product, the prices It is upward and after producing and selling its product, it has to pay more for the supply and replacement of its raw materials. That is, whatever is sold, an amount must be added to it to compensate for the produced material. In order for this industry and all the factories to be able to overcome the problems and fluctuations until the end of this year, friends and colleague who are references and suppliers of raw materials, whether production or trading companies, should have the necessary cooperation and companionship with each other. The main and basic problem in the supply of raw materials is due to the shortage and increase in the price of paper pulp (soft wood, hard wood) and Fluff pulp (treated, untreated) due to the problems we have had in receiving foreign exchange and then due to non-payment. The exchange currency has been pushed to currency and now the same currency is paid with difficulty and delay, because of this, the field of the mentioned pastes has decreased and due to high demand, we are facing an increase in their prices. Of course, our dear colleagues in companies such as Pars Hayat Company, Latif Company, Zarrin Barg Company and other respectable companies in the tissue sector have taken a lot of efforts to supply tissue to factories due to the many problems, which is commendable and praiseworthy. Currently, due to the great efforts of the respected members of the Cellulose Industry Association, this increase has been partially reduced, but due to the approach of the new year and the cold season, the supply will be low and the demanding will increase, so it is expected that our friends and colleagues Dear, and production units have made every effort to make the final product reach its highest level in the year of supply and at the lowest possible price to the consumer.