Padideh industrial Avizhe

The largest and most up-to-date manufacturer of sanitary paper pulp

( Virgin Fluff pulp )

in Iran and the Middle East

This factory, with an annual production capacity of about 25000 tons , can be responsible for some of the factories producing cellulose products.

Paper pulp with additives such as disinfectants, fillers, and strength-increasing materials is mixed in a tank called a Pulper. Before the paper pulp reaches the machine, not only do their products pass through various refiners to be cleaned, but also pass through a device called a refiner to become string, and then it is fed to the paper machine.

Fluff pulp paper is made from waste paper and cotton linters (alpha-cellulose), softwood, and hardwood paste. Pulp sanitary paper utilizes for factories producing sanitary napkins and baby diapers. (The inner layer of sanitary napkins and baby diapers is responsible for absorbing liquid). Approximately 95% of this type of raw material is imported. The machines manufactured by this company are of the same quality as European machines, and the quality of the production materials is guaranteed.

Currently, most of the Fluff pulp paste in our country is supplied through imports. In this production company, we have tried to market our products with the best analysis in foreign pastes and may be higher than that. Avizhe’s factory is the first manufacturer of Fluff pulp paste in two forms, treated and entreated and 100% virgin. Raw materials for the production of virgin pulp must also be materials such as softwood and virgin hardwood, otherwise, the pulp produced does not have the necessary qualifications and is not suitable for production for health industries. Fluff pulp is mainly used to prepare diapers, sanitary napkins, and medical equipment (hospital mattresses, hospital pads, etc.

Iran Beauty Clean exhibition

Honorable presence of the Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade, Mr. Baradaran and the general manager of cellulose industries, Mrs. Dr. Abrofarakh At the booth of Padideh Industrial Avizhe Company in the Iran Beauty Clean International Exhibition

Fluff pulp sanitary paper

Antibacterial fluff pulp

The new product of Avizhe Padide Industrial Company

Anti-allergenic – prevent burns – prevent possible virus and bacteria in the product – reduce women’s diseases (infection, uterine cancer and then infertility) – prevent the exacerbation of fungal and infectious diseases

Visit of provincial officials

Avizhe industrial Factory