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Producing of virgin sanitary paper Fluff pulp

Fluff pulp is a type of pulp that is used in cases other than paper making. This product forms the absorbent part in diapers, menstrual pads, and wound pads. Long Kraft or sulfite fibers also have the property of absorption and softness. This pulp is usually supplied to the customer in the form of a roll. To easily convert it into Fluff and consume less energy, the moisture level and the thickness of the felt sheet must be carefully controlled. Usually, its moisture content is between 8-10% (that is, less than commercial paper pulp). On the other hand, dewatering with a press should be minimized so that the sheet is not over-compacted. so, evaporation should be done in the drying section, which results in slow-down production and an increment in energy consumption, and decreasing in the speed of output and the demand for special equipment to produce large rings of Fluff pulp has caused the production of pulp’s factory becomes the entrance less this market. Otherwise, due to the increasing trend of Fluff pulp consumption, it is expected that in the future, the marketing of this product will become more profitable so that, the production of Fluff pulp will enhance.

The raw materials for the production of baby diapers include long-fiber pulp, short-fiber pulp, Fluff pulp, absorbent powder, etc. Currently, 70-75 percent of the raw materials for the production of baby diapers and menstrual pad in our country are imported, which is directly related to the currency price. These materials are inducted from American, Scandinavian, and some Asian countries, and the value of the final product depends on the currency price.

Currently, most of the Fluff pulp used in the country is supplied through imports. In this production of the company, we have tried to market our products with the best analysis in foreign pulps and may be higher than that. Avizhe’s factory is the first processor of Fluff pulp in two forms, such as treated, untreated, and 100% virgin. The raw materials for the production of virgin pulp should be materials such as softwood and hardwood virgin. Otherwise, the produced pulp does not have the necessity of quality and is not suitable for production in the health industries.

Padideh industrial Avizhe company with an annual production capacity of about 24,000 tons can be responsible for a part of factories producing cellulose products. Fluff pulp is mainly used to prepare diapers, sanitary napkins and medical equipment (hospital mattress, hospital pads, etc.).

production rate

With round-the-clock efforts and increased investment in our industry, we have been able to meet a significant amount of the country’s needs.

Pulp production in the first phase is 6000 tons per year
Growing the production of the second phase is 18,000 tons per year
The final pulp production volume is 24,000 tons per year

The Production of Process

In advanced countries that have a lot of renewable plant resources, cellulose pulp is produced with special processes, which is the raw material of our factory, because of this point of view, Iran is one of the importing countries.

To produce this pulp, agricultural waste such as straw, bagasse (sugarcane waste), cotton linter, wood waste (hardwood, softwood), and coniferous trees are used. These trees are available in neighboring countries such as Tajikistan, Pakistan, and Kazakhstan.

The type of chemicals and the amount of energy for pulp processing form the economic basis of the process. The different phases of pulp production built in factories are crushing, preparation, baking, milling, pulp storage, dewatering, shaping, and drying.

Iran is considered a developing country, and the development of the industry is one of its basic elements. Due to the importance of educational and cultural issues, the government has taken over the distribution of paper in recent years and developed it into consumers after subsidizing the paper pulp. Therefore, the importance of “paper pulp” as an intermediate product in the production of paper and cardboard is clear, for this reason, although paper pulp is not a strategic product, it is a higher consumption product.

Complete production line with an approximate length of 60 meters, useful width, production paper, 130 cm length of rollers, 150 cm along with mill tanks (pulper) and deflating and stone deflector (Loden City and Hayden City), vibrator (occupancy separator), mesh or wire motors, press, dryer and roll collector, inverter guides and pneumatic operating system of gas burner dryer, air compressor, control panels, and necessary pumps, as well as net or wire for paper and dryer, cost billions of Tomans.

By creating direct employment for 60 individuals and indirectly employing another 50 people, it expresses that, our company will produce 5 thousand tons of products per year.

Supporting production projects is a valuable movement toward the country’s self-sufficiency, and the authorities should pay more attention to this matter. Fluff pulp production in our country is very low and approximately 98% of is imported from abroad. A few domestic companies have started working and the manufacturing product is around 90% competitive with the foreign product. It is 10% lower quality can be justified considering the lower price of the Iranian products.

Raw material

Loading and storage


Modifying the material structure with additives and mechanical operations on the pulps

Final product

Production line, molding, rolling and drying along with final packaging

Company goals

Our honor can cover the maximum demand of the country’s cellulose industries by launching the most advanced and up-to-date sanitary pulp production line in the Middle East with a production capacity of 24,000 tons per year.

  • The products are produced with the highest quality, according to the standards of the world and can compete with similar foreign products
  • Accessibility of manufactured goods in the shortest possible time
  • Saving cash follow
  • Utilizing all factories from virgin products
  • Inhibiting the export of currency
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