Today, humans consider detergents, cleaners, hygiene, and cellulose beyond a normal need. Currently, more than 75% of people in the world use detergents for washing and cleaning, which means that is the expansion of the production market of these products in the current situation.

When the COVID-19 has been stared pandemic, the importance of exhibitions such as Iran Beauty 1401, which is the leader of the industry of detergents, cleaners, hygiene, cellulose and related machinery in Iran, will increase.

Know the types of detergent and hygiene products

Despite all the restrictions in recent years, several companies from Germany, the Netherlands and Turkey have started to manufacture and produce various products cooperatively with Iranian brokers or independently in the last two years.

Knowing that the production capacity of detergent, sanitary and cellulose products in the country is 120% more than the current capacity, we can witness the export of these products to different countries including Canada.

The first question, what are the detergent, sanitary and cellulose products?

  • Detergent powder includes all types of washing powder, manual and machine
  • Detergent liquids include dishwashing liquid, washing liquid, floor washing liquid and glass cleaner
  • Bleaching liquids, disinfecting liquids and deodorizers
  • (Solid or liquid) detergents and boosters including soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
  • Cosmetics including creams, perfumes, hair conditioners and other cosmetics
  • All types of cellulose products include toilet paper, baby diapers, menstrual pad, etc.

The second question, where is the meeting point for reviewing products and planning for the development of export markets for these products? The answer to this question is the Iran Beauty 1401 exhibition, which we will introduce below.

Holding conferences and exhibitions related to the field of detergent and sanitary products, cellulose will cause other bottlenecks in this industry to be known and effective measures will be taken to solve them.

The largest exhibition in the field of detergents, cleaners, hygiene, and cellulosic materials is the Iran Beauty Exhibition, which has been held continuously in the past years, and its 29th edition will be held in May 1401 at the permanent location of the Tehran International Exhibition.

Iran Beauty 1401 exhibition is the best place for consultation in order to improve exports, develop the market inside and outside the country, ban imports and prevent smuggling, provide the necessary raw materials and reduce the risk of investment in this field.

The presence of reputable domestic and international companies will improve the industry of detergents, cleaners, cellulose and related industries in Iran.