The effect of Coronavirus disease on increasing the production of sanitary pulp!!!!!

This company was registered in Borujerd in 1993 and after two years, its production line was launched and the first phase of the company was opened.

By operating the first phase, the Fluff pulp production line started working with 11 people and after going through many ups and downs, we were able to produce a pulp that can compete with foreign counterparts.

Avizhe, a producer of raw materials for the cellulose industry

Avizhe Industrial Padideh Company is a producer of cellulosic raw materials. Currently, this company produces raw materials for baby diapers, hospital underlays, sanitary pads, etc. The CEO of Avizhe Industrial Phenomenon stated: We are connected with most of the factories that produce cellulosic materials in the country, and we are active by creating employment for 38 people in three work shifts.

Monthly production of 1200 tons of Fluff pulp

In the beginning, the production capacity of the Avizhe factory was 6 thousand tons per year. While the country’s monthly requirement is about 130 thousand tons per month. However, we have been able to produce 1200 tons of raw materials per month for the cellulose industry. Hoshiar pointed out: Due to the spread of Coronavirus disease and the increase in the consumption of cellulosic materials, the consumption figure in Iran has increased by 30 to 40 percent, which has also caused an increase in our production. He added: People’s need for cellulosic and sanitary materials was such that Avizhe Company was producing raw materials 24 hours a day during Nowruz.