The 31st International Exhibition of Detergents, Cleaners, Hygienic, Cellulose and Related Machines 1402

May 7 to 10, 1402
April 27-30 2023

Iran Beauty Exhibition is a famous international exhibition in the field of supply of cosmetics, detergents, cellulose materials and related machines, which is held every year in Tehran. The date of its holding in 1402 is from 7 to 10 May. In this exhibition, with the joint cooperation of public relations of J.A. International Exhibitions Joint Stock Company. Iran, economy magazine, well-known domestic and foreign companies are present and introduce their products.

The capacity of Iran Beauty International Exhibition

In the previous period, this exhibition was held in a space of 20,000 square meters with 173 domestic and foreign participants and more than 30,000 visitors visited it. Iran Beauty Exhibition was also held in Adi Behesht this year.

Iran is one of the most consuming countries in the field of cosmetic products in the world. This exhibition is almost the largest and most powerful cosmetics exhibition in the Middle East. Therefore, participating in the Iran Beauty Exhibition is an ideal opportunity for both domestic and foreign investors.

Because investing in this field will have a high profit and it is a good opportunity for companies that are looking to attract investors.

Objectives of the international beauty exhibition

  • Effective interaction between manufacturers and customers
  • Introducing and offering the latest products or services
  • Creating a suitable environment for attracting investors
  • Introducing the capabilities of domestic companies
  • Negotiation and new commercial contracts
  • Creating opportunities for cooperation between companies and finding new partners
  • Acquaintance with the latest products made in this area

Various industries were present at the Iran Beauty exhibition, the most important of which are:

  • Detergents and cleaners
  • cosmetic products
  • Raw materials and intermediates
  • Essential oils and supplements
  • Packaging Industry
  • perfume
  • hair color

Padideh industrial Avizhe Company has been present in this industry for many years, and by introducing its products, it is active in the development and improvement of the production of  Virgin Fluff Pulp sanitary paper pulp in Iran and the Middle East.