With round-the-clock efforts and increased investment in our industry, we have been able to meet a significant amount of the country’s needs .


Pulp production in the first phase is 6000 tons per year
Increasing pulp production in phase two by 18,000 tons per year
The final pulp production volume is 24,000 tons per year

At the beginning of 2018, the starting of the development plan of Avizhe Industrial Padideh Company was launched. This plan included the purchase of land and the construction of new related sheds. A production line with a capacity of 18,000 tons per year was added to this company, and with the construction of this factory, the production capacity of Avizhe Industrial Padideh Company will reach 24,000 tons per year, and the maximum requirement of industrial factories will cover the cellulose of the country.

  • The products are manufactured with the highest quality, according to the standards of the world and they can compete with similar foreign products
  • Availability of manufactured goods in the shortest possible time
  • Saving capital circulation
  • All factories use Virgin products
  • Prevent the export of currency